Future food and eating will increasingly become a lifestyle experience offered by brands and their on- and offline flagship stores who, by doing so, add highly emotional products to their existing portfolios. The folks at the Science Kitchen invent, create, design and manufacture, these products.

One winter night back in 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson accidentally left a cup of soda on his porch overnight and awoke the next morning to find a delicious frozen treat and the beginnings of the multibillion-dollar popsicle industry.

With Halloween just around the corner, there's still time to step your party game up a bit with a Pumpkin Tap Kit ($30). It might just be the best way possible to pour your favorite Fall beer.  All you need to make your own pumpkin keg is a big, hollowed-out pumpkin, and this kit.  Easy.

I can see this catching on.  Who needs this t-shirt, the Funkybod T-shirt?

"Our muscle enhancing top is a high quality garment to accentuate the Pectorals, shoulders, biceps, triceps and lats.  This gives the effect of an improved posture with a natural looking balance all-round.  Worn as a normal undershirt garment, the Funkybod top is a great confidence booster for men in the same way a padded bra works for women.

The BRICA Roll ‘n Go Car Seat ($63) Transporter is a contraption that lets you take your standard car seat  and turn it into a piece of carry on luggage. 

"Wheel your child to the boarding gate in the comfort and safety of their own car seat with the BRICA Roll 'n Go Car Seat Transporter. Constructed from strong aluminum and reinforced plastic for durability, the transporter features premium in-line skate wheels, a telescopic handle, and a locking system to keep your car seat securely attached.

You sure enough to do this?

From the makers of the Griz Coat, the Panda Coat features a removable panda head with a detachable pillow into the hood.

- The head-hood is detachable - Three buttons hidden behind the neck allow the wearer to attach/detach the hood at their option. And yes, you can let the hood dangle behind your back just like a hoodie.

- Retractable claws with an interior handle - The handle allows for superior claw control.

I don't know if this contains real panther bits but Sex Panther Cologne ($35) is here.  And 60 percent of the time, it works every time.  This officially-licensed Anchorman cologne is truly amazing and only meant for the manliest of men.

In a few years everyone is going to have one of these.  The incredible potential of home 3-D printers goes without saying.  The Makerbot Digitizer ($1,550) takes that potential one step further, letting you scan everyday objects, and easily create digital models for 3-D printing. Just place an object on the turntable, and with a couple of button presses the laser will scan the object, saving it for easy use on a Makerbot or most other 3-D printers.

Unless you get table service or regularly hang in VIP, getting drinks at a crowded club, lounge, or bar can be painful.  When you're trying to impress the person you're with, doubly painful.  

According to researchers behind a study out of Bielefeld University in Germany, there are several ways to get attention from a bartender.  You can also get shunned by one as well.

You Can Endure is my suicide prevention resource site.  Much of my efforts in suicide prevention awareness are based there and we keep an eye on anything news related.  Unfortunately, the majority of stories deal with the tragic loss of life due to suicide.

Recently a story about DC Comics has come out and their blunder over a contest they announced.  We posted a blog about it here.